Examination dates are now closer, some students tensed about the preparation and some not being to get started.

Before preparation of examination, have a look on the syllabus i.e. what exactly need to be covered, after that make a time schedule for revision of the subject one by one. some having habit of studying late in night and some having it in early morning. Make your schedule accordingly. you need to apart almost 16 hours of day in your studies. 

As you are leaving vidyarthi jeewan.

Start implementing the schedule. First cover those topic on which you are having comfort and complete them in full speed i.e. take less time to complete as compare to non comfort area. In first 10 days complete them and for next day take non comfort area and attain the comfort level in pre – decided time.

Don’t leave any topic, try to cover all the parts of subject. 

Don’t discuss preparation level with your friends as this will give unnecessary mental pressure.

Avoid whatsapp or facebook.

Avoid eating junk food during studies.





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