Now a days students of old syllabus is having confusion — Whether to appear in 2012 or 2016? But no solution Some people says to go by 2012 and some says go by 2016. Mixed View ???

There is no doubt about the relaxed syllabus of 2016 as compare to 2012. In maximum all cases some unnecessary chapters are removed and there is swapping of  certain chapter from group 1 to group 2 or from inter to final. Duplicate content at inter and final almost come to an end. 

Time to Take decision 

Now if you have already given exams for syllabus 2012, then avoid switching to syllabus 2016 as you have already gained an experience on it. But if you were not prepared for 2012 earlier as well then in this case you are at nothing to loose situation, further you can choose syllabus 2016.







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